While nearly 7 out of 10 PCs out there are currently running Google Chrome according to third-party market share stats, those interested in out of this world customization and control over everything they do in their browser are most likely running Vivaldi.

Because yes, Vivaldi is the name that impresses whenever it comes to giving users the power to configure the browser just the way they want, and the recently-introduced version 3.6 pushes things to a completely new level.

The new release comes with Two-Level Tab Stacks, which is essentially an evolution of the original Tab Stacks feature introduces some six years ago.

If you never used Tab Stacks, you should really give it a try. While other browsers out there are only now introducing tab groups, Vivaldi has been offering tab stacks for years, allowing you to group multiple tabs under one roof, thus making it easier to … (read more)