Warcave, the Belgian studio behind the upcoming strategy adventure game Black Legend, revealed today all 15 playable classes that players will be able to unlock throughout their playthrough, as well as the game’s complex alchemy battle system.

To unlock a new class, players must collect all the equipment required for that class through exploration or battle. Moreover, players can change their team member to one of the 15 different classes at any time during the game, but before any battle. Also, unlocked skills can be used by characters regardless of their class, which makes Black Legend even more appealing for players who love to experiment.

We want players to be creative with the customizations available. When it comes to class abilities and equipment, it’s important to experiment with different combinations to find the best way to defend your party or defeat the boss. A varied party is essential for survival in the city of Grant,” said Menno van der He… (read more)