Along with Chains of Satinav, the second iteration of the Dark Eye series was also launched for PS4 and Xbox One, thus continuing the adventure envisioned by Daedalic Entertainment. Memoria concludes the tale of Geron and Nuri, introducing new characters and telling a new tale inside the main story. This classical point and click adventure introduces a few new mechanisms and tries to fix some of the shortcomings of its predecessor, but yet again fails to hide its age.

If you read our previous review about Chains of Satinav you might have a feeling of what Memoria has in store for you, but you will actually have a few surprises. The second part of Geron’s adventure introduces new gameplay elements and new characters that manage to bring to life the dusty old world of Andergast. Although the visual style did not change, it is obvious from the very first hours of the game that the developers crafted Memoria… (read more)