2021, with all the major AAA titles being postponed, shapes up to be a great year for indies. We have already seen excellent roguelite, Metroidvania, and adventure games, though we barely crossed the threshold into spring. Signs of the Sojourner is jumping on the deckbuilding bandwagon but does it in its own unique way, different from everything else we have seen so far. Let’s see if it is a royal flush or just a losing hand.

From the get-go the game developed by Echodog Games is a strange one: it tries to combine a narrative experience with a card game. Signs of the Sojourner presents all its dialogues as a game of cards, but do not think about poker, rather about Go fish! or Uno. The different signs on the cards, that you will have to match with the symbols played by your interlocutor, are related to words and tones you may imply in a real conversation. As a result, there is no clear concept of winning… (read more)