Opera has just announced that it’s buying YoYo Games, the company that builds GameMaker, a super-advanced piece of software specifically built to allow developers to create their own games for desktop, mobile, web, and consoles.

In case you’re wondering what a browser has to do with a gaming development platform, the answer is pretty much Opera GX.

Launched not a long time ago, Opera GX is a browser specifically built for gamers, coming with limiters specifically aimed at CPU, RAM, and network usage to make sure you can still play games while browsing the web.

So how will the future of Opera change now that its parent company purchased YoYo Games? The browser and the world of gaming would mix even more, it seems, with the company explained in a statement that it’s founding Opera Gaming, a new division whose role is to expand the browser’s capabilities into the world of gaming.

More gaming, more browsing

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