Boomerang a weird aardvark to stop him from throwing stones, use a sword to cut down a skeleton bird, drop a bomb hoping that it will trip up a fast and charging snail. Once the screen is cleared spend some time gathering resources and then eating apples to regain health. Maybe gain some insight about the next boss that needs to be vanquished or another puzzle that needs to be solved to push the story forward.

Ocean’s Heart is a top-down role-playing experience developed by the one-man team of Max Mraz and published by Nordcurrent. The title can be played on the PC via Steam and GOG and there are rumors that it will also be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

The core idea of the story is nothing groundbreaking. Father chases after pirates who attacked his town, daughter waits a while and then decides to venture forth and find him. Adventures ensue, punctuated by some twists and turns and by some very solid writing. The dialogue of even the most insignificant non-playin… (read more)