Microsoft has rolled out a new cumulative firmware and drivers pack developed for its Surface Pro 7 units, namely the January 2021 version, which includes several changes that improve system stability and addresses security updates and system bugcheck.

Specifically speaking, to addresses security updates and improves system stability Microsoft installs new Intel iCLS Client (, Intel MEI (2031.15.0.1743), Intel ME Extension (1952.14.0.1470), Surface ME Firmware (13.0.1594.2), and Surface UEFI Firmware ( versions.

Moreover, the developer also applies a new Surface HID Mini driver ( that improves system stability and addresses system bugcheck, as well as the Surface Integration Service Device version that improves integration between system services (and once again addresses system bugcheck).

When it comes to installation, save the downloadable file on your Surface unit, install all drivers included, and follow all instru… (read more)