Microsoft has recently confirmed that it’s working on boosting the performance of its Microsoft Teams desktop client on Macs, but further specifics haven’t been shared.

Microsoft Teams is one of the services whose adoption skyrocketed throughout 2020, and according to the latest figures shared by the Redmond-based software giant itself, it now has over 115 million daily active users.

So Microsoft is now working on all fronts at the same time, trying to bring not only more new features to subscribers across the world but also to improve the performance overall and address the issues that users are complaining about.

One of these issues is the slow performance on Macs, something that the Redmond-based software giant says it’s currently working on resolving with the release of a new update in the near future.

“Thank you for your feedback. We are continually looking to bring performance boosts to the Mac Client, including improvements with Electron 10 that are releas… (read more)