Microsoft has released a new update for SwiftKey on Android devices, and unsurprisingly, the main highlight is the support for more languages.

As you probably know already, Microsoft has more or less made a hobby from adding more and more and more languages to its Android and iPhone keyboard, and this is the reason SwiftKey is now available in an insane number of dialects from all over the world.

This can only be good news, especially as SwiftKey is currently one of the top keyboard apps out there on both iPhone and Android. And it’s all because it offers an out of this world prediction engine that makes typing so much easier, and simply adding support for so many languages brings the same experience natively to lots of people out there.

30 new languages in the latest update

Version, which is available to download right now on Android devices, continues this mission of adding every language to SwiftKey, with 30 more included in the releas… (read more)