Microsoft has just announced the new features to come bundled with Edge 88, with the download links in the stable channel to go live later today.

Microsoft Edge 88 comes with several improvements that have previously been tested in the Canary, Dev, and Beta builds, including support for history and open tab synchronization.

“Moving between devices is getting even easier with this release. Now you can sync your history and tabs, in addition to favorites, passwords and autofill information. This is now available on desktop and mobile to all customers who are signed in with the same profile. To enable history and open tabs sync, go to the Edge settings < profiles < sync and turn on the toggles. You can view your history and open tabs by selecting the “history” option from the menu, or by using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + H,” Microsoft explains.

In addition, Edge 88 comes with automatic profile switching on macOS, which means the browser can automatically toggle betw… (read more)