Clubhouse, which many describe as the next-generation successor to Facebook, is a platform that brings together the best of all social platforms out there, all in an attempt to connect people and let them talk in a more natural way.

The platform has grown a lot lately, according to the parent company, and 2020 itself brought a massive increase in the number of users joining Clubhouse.

“Unlike our other attempts, Clubhouse seemed to strike a real chord with people, and it has accelerated quickly over the past ten months—from a small handful of beta testers into a diverse and growing network of communities. This past week, two million people around the world—musicians, scientists, creators, athletes, comedians, parents, entrepreneurs, stock traders, non-profit leaders, authors, artists, real estate agents, sports fans and more—came to Clubhouse to talk, learn, laugh, be entertained, meet and connect. It’s the most exciting thing we’ve ever been a part of,” the compan… (read more)