I hook kick someone just to gain some momentum next, then punch a guy in the throat to paralyze a guy with a tire iron. I then elegantly move my character out of the way of an enemy with a gun, making sure that he shoots one of his buddies in the face. With no more cards to play it’s time to think about how I might take out at least three of these four enemies next turn.

Fights in Tight Spaces is an interesting mix of ideas from two very different genres. It also needs its upcoming Early Access period to refine some mechanics and decide how it can introduce variety. At its core, the title is a turn-based brawler, with gamers asked to move his character around, dodge attacks from enemies, and find ways to take them out.

Everything the player does is controlled by a hand of cards, dealt from a class-specific deck (at the moment, the developers only offer one). Play a certain card to move around an enemy, play another to attack in a certain way. Momentum controls how … (read more)