Quickly fire to rockets to take out drones, followed by some evasive action to avoid incoming fire. Then drop some nanobots to boost hull integrity before activating my EMP to disable attackers who foolishly didn’t keep their distance. Take down their shields, shift to autocannon to kill their hulls fast. Spend around 5 minutes mopping up stragglers and getting all the loot they drop.

Everspace2 gives players plenty of adrenaline-filled space battles like the one described above. The game also features quite a bit of exploration, some puzzle solving, core missions, and side-quests to engage with. The story seems a bit basic at first but it gives plenty of reasons to go out and enjoy some space adventures.

Developers Rockfish do not aim for complex, deep simulation. The player-controlled ship is easy to guide using a mix of keyboard and mouse (the controller can be used but is a little more awkward) but no one needs to take into account orbital mechanics or gravity … (read more)