A “technical failure” caused nearly 5 million homes in Mumbai to suffer power outages on the 13th of October 2020. Suburban train services and stock market operations were also affected, interrupting normal operations for several hours. Now, Recorded Future, a US-based cybersecurity company blames Beijing for the citywide outage. The Recorded Future report states: “10 distinct Indian power sector organisations, including 4 of the 5 Regional Load Despatch Centres (RLDC) responsible for operation of the power grid through balancing electricity supply and demand, have been identified as targets in a concerted campaigns against India’s critical infrastructure. Other targets identified included two Indian seaports.”

The Ladakh military standoff, which began in April 2020, is the deadliest between the bordering countries since the 1962 border war. Recorded Future believes the blackout may have been strategically planned to send a message to New Delhi not to push too hard on its border claims.




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