Earlier this month, Tom McFarlin published a great post where he shares his perspective on the WordPress community. His post struck a nerve and instead of discussing it through comments, I invited him to a Google Hangout to have a candid conversation. Within the conversation, McFarlin and I discuss a number of topics, including:

  • Community behaviour and discourse
  • It’s not a WordPress problem
  • Comment moderation strategies
  • Subtweeting
  • How, as men, do we show that a significant portion of us are color/ethnicity/whatever blind?
  • Women in tech

McFarlin is the father of two daughters which adds an interesting dynamic to the women in tech issue. I enjoyed the time I spent with him discussing topics we both feel are important. If you have any feedback concerning the content in this recording, please leave a comment.

There’s also a transcript of the interview available here.