Developer Dope Games and publisher Merge Games have just revealed their next indie title, unusually named Definitely Not Fried Chicken. I’m saying unusual because it doesn’t have anything to do with KFC or fried chicken in general.

Definitely Not Fried Chicken is a business management sim with a twist. It’s hard to guess, but this game is about growing a drug trade empire through legitimate fronts by managing both sides of the business. In game, you’ll be able to buy new “businesses,” meet new clientele, develop more potent narcotics, make lots of money, and leave a city in ruin. Interestingly enough, the game is set in the ‘80s.

Basically, players must build their drugs compound from the ground up, buy adjoining plots of land and expand. It’s a mix between a building and business management sim, as players must design and lay out the production line and establish distribution routes.

There’s also research in the game, which helps players develop better strains of… (read more)