The next adventure for World of Warcraft Classic players is about to unfold. Blizzard announced over the weekend that the Burning Crusade Classic expansion will be released this year. Until we get an exact release date, fans of old-school World of Warcraft will be able to engage in beta testing very soon.

Burning Crusade Classic adds a wide range of content for players to explore. Apart from the new zones accessible through the Dark Portal, the upcoming expansion will also bring two new playable races – blood elves and draenei, arenas, flying mounts, new 5-player dungeons and heroic dungeons, a new jewelcrafting profession, two new classes (paladin for the Horde and shaman for the Alliance), new 70 level cap, as well as new abilities to master.

The first step before the Burning Crusade Classic arrives is a pre-expansion patch in which players will be given access to the new Blood Elf and Draenei races before the Dark Portal opens. The move is meant to allow players… (read more)