Apple launched the new iPhone generation last fall, and now the company is adjusting the production in order to align with the demand for specific models.

And according to Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty, the iPhone 12 Pro is one hot-selling device, as Apple has recently decided to slow down the production of the mini and focus more on this model.

In other words, Apple wants to make more Pros and fewer minis, all in an attempt to align the production with the demand.

“We continue to believe that the iPhone will outperform expectations in the December quarter, as the mix shift to higher-end iPhone 12 models is a tailwind to ASPs and revenue growth. iPhone 12 Pro lead times remain extended far beyond any model launched in the past 4 years at 10 days. Lead times decreased from 22 days ~2 weeks ago as Apple ramps iPhone 12 production signaled by our iPhone supply chain team, led by Sharon Shih, recently raising March quarter iPhone 12 Pro builds by 2M units (which… (read more)