iPhone 12 has helped Apple overtake Samsung in the fourth quarter of the last year, according to data shared by Gartner, with the Cupertino-based tech giant selling close to 80 million units.

This was enough for Apple to secure a 20.8 percent market share during the quarter and achieve an increase of 14.9 percent from the same quarter a year before.

Samsung was the runner-up with 62.1 million phones and a 16.2 percent market share, though the South Koreans declined 11.8 percent versus Q4 2019.

Xiaomi was third in the charts with 43.4 million sold phones and 11.3 percent share, which this time represents a growth of no less than 33.9 percent.

Huawei’s phone sales collapsed during the quarter, going down from 58.3 million units to no less than 34.3 million units. This means Huawei secured a market share of just 8.9 percent in Q4 2020, a major drop from 1… (read more)