Attackers have been targeting AOL users in an attempt to steal login name and password with a phishing link. Many older people are still using AOL, because they find it too complicated to switch to a different email service such as Gmail or Outlook. This makes them prime targets for phishing scams, especially as AOL’s email filters are not as efficient as those from other services.

The email warned: “We noticed you haven’t updated your account information recently, and since your security is our top priority, we plan to close this account as soon as possible. It’s going to take 3 days unless you act soon. Unless you verify this account, it will be closed in 72 hrs.” followed by a link to a poorly constructed phishing site asking for login credentials.  Once login details were entered and submitted, they were sent to the attackers. Sadly anyone without proper knowledge or education about phishing links could have fallen victim to this attack.


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